• Pre-Paid Service :

    We delivers the product to the consignee on behalf of the consignor where the cost of the product is already been paid by the consignee to consignor.

    Cash on Delivery Service :

    We collect the value of the product upon delivery from the consignee and remits the same to the consignor.

    Reverse Logistics Service :

    We collects the shipment from the consignee to be returned to the consignor.

    First-Mile Service :

    We specialize in complete front end solutions for domestic shippers in E-commerce industries.

    B2B Service :

    We specialize to customize each and every customer’s route needs with the use of our state-of-the-art technological resources.

    Linehaul Services :

    We design capacity-focused line-haul solutions to perform the most cost-effective service while delivering a first-class experience.