Our History


    Streetwise Logistic Services was incepted in Jan 2015 and in a short tenure of 20 months have created a name  itself, by delivering smiles to millions of end customer through their robust last mile delivery network. In the reigns of globalization, Logistics industry is increasingly shifting to a rule of using local approach to delivering global results. By local approach, we mean the modular and scalable business strategies which are meant to increase our reach to all parts of the country. It is not as easy to formulate it, as it is to dream of, though.But we are doing amazing things with exceptional help from technology.

    What we do

    We always believe in total transparency with all our stake holders, and believe in doing amazing things to Help our end customers gain a WOW experience, each time, every time.

    Partnering IT for Technology advancement

    Unknowingly, our business was already taking the support of technology in excel sheets, emails, and communication systems. We can’t even think of discarding it, because once accepted, technology becomes a catalyzer for us to grow fast. It becomes indispensable. We manage and grow our business exponentially with the help of an advanced logistics software partner. The challenges and solutions of Logistics industryare coming from the technology domain of business. The Internet is the biggest mammoth that even a non-tech Logistics business has to handle. Marketing, Sales, Operations, Customer Service and Support, everything is heavily dependent on tech nowadays.
    To get these always correct, we are highly depended on our Logistics Software partner, Humara Labs. This partnership is crucial not only for our future growth, but also for our present reputation with clients. A successful partnership entails a lasting legacy of seamless experience not only for us, but also for our customers, which is ensured by a useful Logistic Software partner.